Commercial Policies


The products on sale on OLUXURY.COM are intended for the End Consumer.

The term End Consumer means a physical person who acts for purposes other than their own business or professional activity, or a legal person that is not limited to the resale of the purchased goods.

Therefore, users who cannot be considered as such must not engage in commercial relations with OLUXURY.COM.

Ò s.r.l. reserves the right not to process orders intended for persons or companies that are not the End Consumer, or that do not comply with the commercial policies described above.

  • Customers must be End Consumers.
  • They must be 18 years of age or over.
  • They must have a valid email address.
  • They must have a valid credit card for payment: Visa, MasterCard or PayPal account.
  • The credit card used for payment must have been issued in the country to which the order is to be sent.
  • Orders paid with ‘PayPal Express Checkout’ must have the same country of delivery as the shipping address on OLUXURY.COM.



Once an order has been placed, the customer may not make any changes to the items selected. Orders placed separately will be shipped by the company separately, even if they are sent to the same address.

Shipping may be postponed for reasons of force majeure, or for reasons that do not directly depend on the company;

OLUXURY.COM reserves the right to reject an order at any time that it deems it appropriate to do so. In such an event, the entire amount paid by the customer will be refunded on the same day that the order is cancelled.


The OLUXURY.COM website is protected in accordance with international internet standards.

Ò s.r.l. is not responsible for problems that the user may encounter during improper use of the website. OLUXURY.COM publishes information and content to ensure users can navigate correctly but is not responsible for any technical inaccuracies.

The company may make periodic changes to this section so that all users are invited to visit it frequently in order to find out about updated information.

Ò s.r.l. is fully entitled to make changes or corrections, where necessary.


Gli utenti che decidono di accedere al sito dichiarano di accettare tutte le condizioni relative al suo utilizzo. Tutte le norme sono regolate dalla legislazione vigente esclusivamente dello Stato Italiano;

Users who decide to access the site declare by doing so that they accept all the conditions regarding its use. All the regulations are governed exclusively by the current legislation of the Italian State;

As a consequence, OLUXURY.COM does not guarantee that the content of its website is in compliance with the legal regulations currently in force in other countries. Access to the website from places in which the content is considered illegal is therefore prohibited and the customer will bear sole responsibility for knowingly doing so.

Users who nevertheless decide to access the site from various countries must be aware of the legal consequences and direct liability for penalties that they risk incurring.