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This notice contains the legal terms and conditions that regulate OLUXURY.COM.

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The product sheets reflect the current availability of the garments in the given size.

The website is connected to Ò S.r.l.'s warehouses.

Once the order confirmation has been received, OLUXURY.COM reserves the right to reconfirm availability of articles and the validity of transactions.

In the event that the ordered articles are not available, or if the order cannot be shipped to the customer for any reason, the customer services department will immediately contact the customer concerned.


The images contained on the OLUXURY.COM website are the property of Ò s.r.l. The improper and unauthorised use of these images by third parties, without written consent, is strictly prohibited.

Transgressors shall be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

Ò s.r.l. is not responsible if the colours of the products seen by the customer are different from the original ones due to the poor performance of a computer or any other device owned by the customer.


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